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To market your property to its full potential we first have to attract potential clients to our company.  It is essential that we promote our company and your property with a high profile to encourage people, like you, to visit our website.

To give an indication we have detailed below, some of the ways that we might market your property and how we market ourselves.

Laurence Tremayne website

In 2013, we re-launched our website with a modern new look with new features. We have created our website around an informative approach and we have made it a hub for the local community.

Just some of the new features we have:

• A modern search facility

• A local community page with details of local schools, events, attractions and contractors.

• A “hot property” feature which is on the home page and throughout the website.

• A blog section which we regularly update with informative blogs on the property market, tips and advice for selling your property.

• We have integrated access to our social media channels

Our dedicated local sales team

At Laurence Tremayne we employ local people who both live and work in the community.  We are currently very fortunate in that the whole of our sales team have grown up and were educated in the local community.  This results in us having many established contacts, both professionally and socially, and we are all a very integrated part of the community.  A large number of our transactions result from these many years of contacts and friendships which we feel no other agent can offer.

Town and Village centre locations and prominent window displays

Both of our offices are in prominent position and they receive a significant footfall of prospective buyers.

At Daventry our two storey office, we have two 32” TV screens which rotate properties on a regular basis and allow us to show that little bit more of some properties. The great thing about having these screens is that people generally spend longer looking at them, wondering what is coming next so they take more in of their surroundings. Additionally we have now installed the latest LED individual window pockets to really illuminate each property to evening foot traffic.

Our Long Buckby office is slightly smaller so we have one 22” screen but it is still substantial to showcase a properties as well as the latest LED individual window displays.

Our entire window displays are updated on a regular basis, as well as the properties displayed on the TV screens. This enables us to be fair in our distribution of property exposure and maintain the interest of those who regularly walk by our offices.

Opening Hours

We are one of the few estate agents that are open 7 days a week.

This flexible approach enables us to respond quicker to prospective buyers and our sellers’ needs. Additionally, it means that we can carry out appointments at a mutually convenient time.

Property Brochures

Each property has a property brochure created with full details of the particulars. We give these out to prospective buyers on viewings or if they come in to the offices and are interested in your property. They showcase the property at its full potential with a range of photographs to help make a potential buyer interested in viewing the property.

These brochures provide useful additional information including floorplans and measurements and include a fast find reference for easy navigation throughout website where many additional photographs can be found.

Property portals

We do want to drive people to view your property on our website but we do recognise that by advertising your property on various property portals that it gives us access to a wider audience. We upload our properties on a daily basis to all property portals.

These are the main property portals:

• Rightmove

• Zoopla

• Primelocation

Many of these portals have partners which enable us to have an even wider reach. Some of their partners include:


• The Times

• Aol

• Sky



• The Independent

For Sale Boards

With your consent, we place a For Sale board outside the property that you are selling. When potential buyers pass this board and they like the look of the property and area, they will call us for further information or indeed visit our website.

Additionally, should you be trying to gauge which Estate Agent to use to market your property, it is a good indicator as to the performance of each agent with how many boards they have in a particular area.

Our eye catching “For Sale” boards help to generate enquiries from buyers that are specifically looking for a property in your area.


Newspapers are a very important part of the marketing process as many people obtain copies purely for the property section. With this in mind we display our available properties in several newspapers on an on-going weekly basis; Daventry Express, Rugby Observer, Rugby Advertiser and Lutterworth Observer

We have a very strong presence in local media, more than any other estate agent.  For example our 8-page spread in the Daventry Express offers a full range of available properties and utilises an informative approach with tips, advice and information on the property market.

Property reporting

Most property portals have reports that can be accessed by estate agents of how each property that they have uploaded is performing.

It is rare for estate agents to use this reporting function to help appropriately market your property however we find it very useful. One of the reports that we use records how many times your property has been clicked on for more information and if we feel this is low we will explore options to improve it. For example, if a property is not getting as many views, then we won’t get as many interested buyers contacting us, so we look to refresh details which could include updating text or photographs or indeed the order that the photographs are displayed.  We will then monitor the improvement.

Combining traditional marketing with modern marketing

Yes, we took the plunge in to the world of social media.  Again, it is one of the more modern marketing platforms that estate agents tend to shy away from. Not us, we have realised that our reach can be far greater than traditional advertising with social media. We use our social media channels to promote properties, provide useful information to prospective buyers and sellers.

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Guild of Property Professionals

We are a member of the Guild of Property Professionals for our local area. This is an invite-only organisation and some of the benefits of being a member can be passed on to our clients. For instance, all of our properties are marketed on over 750 other Guild members websites. For full details about the Guild read more here.

Community work

At Laurence Tremayne, we have town and village centre locations and all of our staff are local. We want to support local businesses and the wider community. We do this by sponsoring certain events and promoting our areas as best we can.

For full details of our community work, please visit our community page.

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