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Althorp House – NN7 4HQ

Althorp was built in 1508, by the Spencers, for the Spencers, and that is how it has remained for over 500 years – the family line has contained politicians, courtiers, admirals, society beauties and pioneers in charity work, as well as gamblers, book lovers, and even a breeder of prize bulls. They were all related, but each Spencer was unique in time and taste. This was, of course, the home of Lady Diana Spencer before she became the Princess of Wales on her marriage to Prince Charles in 1981.

Having one family in one home for five centuries has presented many opportunities for members of the line to leave behind their mark in the shape of their favourite acquisitions. Althorp does contain a very impressive collection of paintings by many masters and high quality furniture including Chippendale and Sheraton pieces. Amongst the fine paintings will be seen works of Lely, Van Dyck, Gainsborough & Reynolds.

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